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Breast Pads

Breast Pads

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This breast pad set offers comfortable and reliable protection against leaks, day and night. With an absorbent lining and individually wrapped pads, you'll have discrete protection throughout your day-to-day activities and extra absorbent protection when you need it during the night. Get the peace of mind you need, all day long.

Around the Clock Comfort & Protection: Each package contains daytime breast pads to keep you comfortable and dry all day long, and super absorbent overnight nursing pads for extra nighttime protection.

Leak Proof: Absorbent lining pulls moisture away so you stay dry and comfortable. Waterproof backing protects breast milk from reaching your clothing, no more leak stains!

Stays-in-Place: An adhesive strip holds the breast pad securely in place while its discrete shape conforms to the breast. No one will realise you are wearing a nursing pad.

On-The-Go: Individually wrapped for hygienic, portable coverage everywhere you go. Slip in your bag and you are ready for the day.

What's in the box: 

  • 60-pack: 40 daytime pads and 20 extra absorbent nighttime nursing pads are included 
  • 180-pack: 120 daytime pads and 60 extra absorbent nighttime nursing pads are included.
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