Newborn Gift Set

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Gift the Nanobébé experience with our special Newborn Gift Set. This exclusive gift set includes some of our most innovative products: Breastmilk Bottles to help preserve breastmilk nutrients during storage and warming and our non-electric Smart Warming Bowl for quick and even warming of breast milk.

The set also features essential accessories such as medium flow and slow flow teats and breast pump adapters. Also included are our Microwave Steam Steriliser, which quickly eliminates household bacteria, and our space-saving Compact Drying Rack.

  • Breastmilk Bottles – designed to preserve your breast milk nutrients, prevent colic, and provide an all-in-one convenient bottle feeding system
  • Flexy Soothers – One-piece silicone construction adheres to the guidelines for newborns
  • Non-Electric Warming Bowl – the unique geometry of bottle and bowl enables efficient warming of breastmilk without electricity (learn more about the science)
  • Microwave Steam Steriliser – quickly eliminates 99.9% of household bacteria
  • Compact Drying Rack – fast, hygienic drying, slim storage
  • Silicone Teats – advanced venting system designed to reduce colic

What’s in the box:

4 x 150ml Breastmilk Bottles
1 x Warming Bowl
1 x Microwave Steam Steriliser
1 x Compact Drying Rack
2 x Breast Pump Adapters
2 x 0-3m Flexy Soothers
4 x Slow Flow Anti-Colic Silicone Teats
2 x Medium Flow Anti-Colic Silicone Teats
4 x Travel Covers
4 x Storage Caps

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