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Nanobébé Product FAQs

Breastmilk Bottle

How does the Breastmilk Bottle preserve nutrients?

Breastmilk Bottle or Flexy Silicone Bottle - which should I choose for my baby?

Which breast pumps are compatible with the Breastmilk Bottle?

How do I assemble my Breastmilk Bottle?

How do I disassemble my Breastmilk Bottle?

What do I do if my bottle leaks?

Is it BPA free?

Is it anti-colic?

Can I store milk inside these bottles in the freezer?

Will this bottle work for my baby that doesn't take bottles?

Does the bottle come with a lid to store the milk?

These bottles don’t fit in my bottle warmer. What should I do?

How do I travel with this bottle?

Can I put breast milk back in the fridge after my baby drinks from it?

Can I use formula in this bottle?

How do I transition my baby from breast to this bottle?

Is this bottle appropriate for paced feeding?

Breastmilk Storage Bags

Why are Nanobebe Breastmilk Storage Bags flat?

Can you pump directly into them?

How many breast milk bags does the organiser hold?

How long can I freeze/refrigerate these breast milk bags for before the milk goes bad?

Can I reuse these bags?

Is your seal mechanism strong enough so the milk won’t spill out?

Do these bags store as much as other bags on the market?

Flexy Silicone Bottle

Do these bottles come with travel caps?

How much milk does this bottle hold?

Do these bottles use the same teat as the Breastmilk Bottle?

Can you use a bottle warmer?

What flow teats do these come with?

Why does the silicone have a distinct smell?

Flexy Soother

Can I attach a clip to this soother?

What’s the difference between the 0-3m and the 3m+ month soothers?

How do you remove the soothers from the case?

What quality silicone is used?

How often should I replace the soothers?

How do I clean it if it falls on the ground?

Microwave Steam Sterilser

Will the Nanobébé Microwave Steam Steriliser fit in my microwave?

Can I use non-Nanobebe bottles in the steriliser?

How much water is needed to sterilise?

How long and at what wattage should I microwave the steriliser?

Do I need to clean my bottles before sterilising, or is it the same thing?

Is it necessary to use the pegs when sterilising?

Slim Drying Rack

Does the Slim Drying Rack only fit Nanobebe bottles?

Do the pegs need to be arranged in a certain order?

How do you clean the Slim Drying Rack

Are the pegs necessary or can you dry flat on the rack?

Warming Bowl

My bottle won't stay on the mound. Am I doing something wrong?

When do I need to replace the seal cap with the teat when warming?

Why is the Nanobébé Warming Bowl better than an electric warmer?

Can I heat other bottles in the Warming Bowl?

What temperature is best to feed my baby breast milk?

How many minutes does it take to warm up a bottle from the fridge?

Transition Bottle

What's the difference between the Breastmilk Bottle and the Transition Bottle?

What teat flow is included with the Transition Bottle?

When should I introduce the Transition Bottle to my baby?

Can you give these to a one year old baby?

Can you use the Transition Bottle base on the Breastmilk Bottles?

General Questions

Can I use a UV Steriliser on Nanobébé products?