An Interview with a Mum of Newborns

An Interview with a Mum of Newborns

by Nicole Brodie, Twin Mum and Health and Wellness Specialist

We caught up with Nicole, a Health and Wellness Specialist, whose journey we’ve been following since she became pregnant with twins after her IVF treatment. She shares how she’s keeping up with breastfeeding and staying motivated to keep fit and healthy.

So, here you are now a mom of newborns! What do you love about it?

I love that I have been blessed with double the smiles, double the energy and perhaps not so happy about double the diapers lol. Watching them hold hands for the first time, to meet each other’s eyes – to wonder what they are thinking when they see their brother and to imagine their friendship and adventures that are to come. I am thankful every day that they have chosen me to sit by their side to watch their journey.

Amazing... And how’s breastfeeding going? Do you have any breastfeeding tips?

Yes, be happy if you only have one to feed lol. In all honesty I would have prepared more food in the freezer – being well nourished is vital! Since I didn’t prepare so well, I now make ‘in bulk’ – a huge soup or something nutritious to last the week and I even stock some up in the freezer. You can’t produce milk if you’re not nourishing yourself first. I would also say stock up on water bottles and strategically place them EVERYWHERE because once you’re sitting with the baby and feeding, it’s hard to get up for water and the minute they latch – here comes the thirst! I think many women see IG accounts and think that breastfeeding is glamorous and natural. Although those can be true at times, the beginning can be tough and that’s ok. For me, it took a lot of patience, especially having one of the twins in the NICU. A tip would be for women planning to breastfeed to know it’s ok if it’s harder than you thought and there’s a lot of support out there, so you don’t feel alone. Also, obviously, rest and sleep are essential, but hey, let’s face it – easier said than done so just do what’s possible and know – that’s enough.

Any favorite baby items that made your life easier?

Goodness – YES. My babies’ Halo double bassinet, it’s so convenient with the way it swivels and it’s so comfortable to use. And my nanobebe system. I started expressing for one or two feeds and I was really concerned about nipple confusion. I don’t let my babies use any other bottle or pacifier other than nanobebe. They have really created something amazing, and I am thankful that I can continue breastfeeding and incorporate bottles and pacifiers that won’t ruin all my hard work. Thanks, guys!

Have you had any outings yet?

I take them out for a walk most days, but our first family outing was last weekend and I must say, it went pretty well! I love letting them feel the fresh air and want to be sure my 5 year old is also part of our journey with the babies. I won’t lie. My first supermarket outing was a disaster and I knocked everything off the aisles as I test drove my twin stroller. One needs a license for those things lol.

How else do you find time to keep fit?

I thought, perhaps ignorantly, that I would have more time. I do attempt workouts at home, but it ends up me laying down on my mat and simultaneously rocking one stroller with my foot, the other with my arm – not sure what kind of workout that is. I tend to just go for strolls and listen to some inspirational videos while walking. I also take part in my group’s monthly fit challenges and end up doing them hiding in the bathroom before my shower lol. It’s my only time nobody is needing me. We are doing a “chicken arm challenge” at the moment, so my bathroom regime is quite funny. I never thought I would be relying on my group for my own motivation, but I am grateful for it and realize how much it’s needed.

What groups are you in or recommend?

I can’t not say, my fit, fab and healthy group – it’s fab lol! So, I recommend that, but also, breastfeeding support groups, like La Leche League FB group and a local moms meetup group are so important to stay connected to the world. I would say to join groups that are supportive and even some that are not baby related! We can get so caught up on 24/7 baby life. Go join a group about art, health, knitting – whatever your passion is and give your baby brain a rest.

Yes, Baby brain can get to a lot of us mums – so, how do you stay motivated?

I have a vision board of how I want to be – in my whole scheme of things from my lifestyle, to family and fitness. It helps me stay motivated and focused. I also have such a great and supportive surrounding, your circle of influence can make or break you.

How do you prioritise self-care?

I recently treated myself to a pregnancy massage, as part of a new initiative for myself, and one that I am sharing with the new Fit Fab & Healthy group.  It means, each Sunday (whether pregnant or not), we take the time to do something special for ourselves. Because, let’s face it, we’re worth it!Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum or a busy mama – we ALL deserve it. We are stronger than we realize, sometimes, and credit is certainly due!

When we love ourselves, it’s not only teaching our children the importance of self-love, but damn – it feels good! I was in total bliss after the massage. I enjoyed every second. From the beautiful chat with the therapist, to the scent of the oils that sent me into pure heaven and relaxation, to now – where I can reflect and share my experience with you. To remind you that YOU are worth giving yourself some self-love and self-care.

You don’t even need to spend a lot of time or money. There are a lot of things that one can do, such as, go to the salon for a mani/pedi or a new hairstyle, give yourself a natural home facial – even just a quiet bath with some essential oils, a candle, and perhaps a book – and if there are any other humans in your household – an ‘off limits’ for 2 hours.

Any advice for new mums?

Try finish housework at night. For twins – attempt to wake them up to feed together, get a breastfeeding pillow that supports twin feeding (life saver), and for all moms, use nanobebe products as they really make your life easier and are the best for baby, and be grateful every day for your miracles.

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